When you know

Since my wonderful husband is so awesome and watched the kiddo all weekend and Monday, I figured I would take another week of blogging.

This weekend was amazing. I volunteer at PAX South every year since it started. I enjoy working at conventions much more than attending them. I may not get to sit and watch a panel or whatnot but I do get to see more of the show than most people. I get to experience the awesome feeling of having a solid part in building up my community.

I really do love working with everyone. We all have a common interest in what we are working on and the shared goal of making our show work so smoothly that people think it is easy to run a convention. I love the look of joy on peoples’ faces when we get to introduce them to their hero. Overall a very exciting experience that I don’t think I could ever leave and just attend a convention as one is meant to now. I am tainted to the hidden secrets that most don’t know about.

On a side note, should you ever find yourself in Texas in January for PAX South, you should consider volunteering. We love people. We love making new friends and we love adding new people to the group of people who get shit done.


Speaking of which, I guess I should go work on that last chapter of my novel now huh? Well one more video of Bull won’t hurt!

Author: keyboardcouple

A couple who write and learn in front of their keyboards.

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