A tale of a new tale

Kris here,

I’ve been having a pretty tough time thinking of a topic to write about this week since Tina and I have been spending a lot of time writing a short story together. Well okay, I’ve been playing a bunch of Overwatch and Minecraft recently, and also working with Tina on a short story. But I’m not here to talk about my shortcomings as the worst battlemercy, I’m here to talk about the story! Recently Tina and I have joined the Fantasy Writer’s Undercroft on Facebook, a group maintained by two guys who make the Worldbuilder’s Anvil, a podcast I’ve been digging for the last few months. (PLUG! http://gardul.com/category/podcast/worldbuilders-anvil/) So like I was saying, we’ve been doing a huge load of writing, I figured hey I’ll write about writing again. We’ve been collectively working on a story that everybody takes a few hundred words at and passes it on, now we’ve started a new project.

Tina and I are basically the perfect pair to set together on a story because she cares about the people and stories, and I’m all about the world history and details – it practically takes care of itself! Except this writing exercise we figured should be a learning experience so that’s all out the window. The first decision we made was to write a story in first person because who in their right mind writes from first person perspective?? It can certainly be done, but I have a feeling it’s going to take some time to get the voice right and not sound like a robot with short term memory loss. The topic of course is going to be Sci-Fi so I can write about a computer while I’m on my computer. The goal here is to get a story from start to finish in roughly 10,000 words, which may sound like a lot to some of you but trust me, that’s like a 10 minute read. I can’t be dramatic in 10 minutes! I won’t give any more spoilers away because then everyone would yell “Spoilers!” and nobody would read when we posted it once it’s completed and then we’d all be sad.

So, anyone got any experience writing in the first person? If not, give it a crack! I certainly feel a lot more active since I started doing a lot more creatively, even though it sadly has prevented me from becoming a professional Gorilla Scientist. I’ll continue chasing my dreams to the ends of the Earth. Fictionally, I mean.

Author: keyboardcouple

A couple who write and learn in front of their keyboards.

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