Spring break fun!

South by South West (SxSw) is in town here in Austin and what better way to spend spring break than with those you love doing stuff you enjoy! That being said, I hate the traffic caused by SxSw. So when my beautiful mother came down to visit me, we found our fun in chatting and crafting together!

I have been making notebooks and working on bookbinding. I set out my cardboard and started cutting as I watched my mother pull out her yarn and crochet hooks and look for a cute new thing to make. I helped her pick out an adorable octopus. I watched her video with her and watched her quick and practiced fingers fly through the instructions. My crafting senses were tingling. I have always been intrigued by crocheting, yet I always felt too overwhelmed with the instructions to understand the differences in stitches. Here was my chance. I had a natural teacher in front of me (cause that is where I got it from) and I knew she would be excited to help me learn.

So after talking to my mom, she excitedly took me off to the local craft store and taught me about the different types of yarn I could use, what makes a difference in stitches, the types of hooks, and her general learned knowledge since getting started. I picked up two hooks and a bag full of yarn. We set off back home and got started.

After several failed attempts at getting some of the basics down, I got started on my first leg.


It took long enough but quickly after I had made more legs than my mother! We decided to make one for each of my siblings. Two girls (mom made them) and my little brother who is 14 years old. I made his and I am quite proud of it!

With tears, I saw my mother off but by the time she called me from her first pit stop on her way back home, I was already working on another one. This one for my oldest.

We named him Sir Octi! I had to figure out how to make the top hat for him but we love it!


Here is the link to the video that we followed to make these cuties.

Octopus Amigurumi Tutorial


Author: keyboardcouple

A couple who write and learn in front of their keyboards.

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