Tina here!

So when drawing a blank I like to use random generators to give me a kick in the pants to start writing. Here is one of my favorites of these kick in the pants.

A woman in her eighties, who is very stubborn.

A man in his early twenties, who can be quite wise.

The story begins in a penthouse apartment.

Someone is being cheated.

It’s a story about secrecy.

Your character offers to lend a helping hand

Everything about her was a lie, When she stepped into the room the woman wreaked of fake rose smell. She stood there with her light pale skin dotted with the brilliantly bright red lips and too pink blush. Her cropped blond hair met her earlobes perfectly and circled her head. She had everything in place and the party was in full swing and when the wretched Evalin had invited Martha, she insisted on the dress code. Even if invitation was just to appease the man of the house, Josh. Josh was the up and coming star, on every news station and magazine cover. He could be spotted at the most posh events around town. It just so happened that tonight it was being held in his penthouse apartment. His birthday was to be the party of the year. The sinky Evalin had tried every way she could to talk Josh out of insisting Martha come, but he knew she was needed.

Sliding along the wall Martha tried to hide from the cameras. Everyone was dressed to the nines, but Martha refused to play along. Why should she, she was eighty three and a half and had full rights to her own will of how to dress. She was her own woman and no “dress code” was going to tell her she couldn’t wear her fleecy plaid pants and solid pink top. She knew she didn’t look as posh as everyone else but she didn’t care. You stop caring when you get old, she would say to herself. As if she hadn’t come up with an excuse to her stubborn behavior all her life. That stubborn streak was however what lead to her invitation tonight. Josh had grown up being taken care of by Martha and listening to her no nonsense stories. Martha had a way of seeing past the face that everyone put on and calling them out on it. She didn’t save herself from any trouble or confrontation, but she took great pride in calling it like she saw it. That’s why when she found out about evil Evalin’s plans to make the party about her by forcing an engagement, she went right to Josh. That boy was too smart for his own good sometimes but in this case she had all the facts and had given them all to Josh to plan out. However, Martha was worried that Josh’s kind heart and easy way of living would blind him to the fake face Evalin had on now.

Josh had been schmoozing it up with the media and once his eyes landed on Martha he pulled himself away to walk right over to her. His bright cheerful face was one that sang of happy news and joyful starts. Martha hated it. Why didn’t he listen. Evalin must have started her plan earlier than expected. Just as Josh was within reach of Martha, Evalin swooped in and looped his arm in a vice like grip not too uncommon to that of a vulture.

“Joshie hunnybuns, you just HAVE to come meet the new friend I just made! She is the author of that new hit book, “whatever”, it is getting to be so trendy for not fitting in!” Evalin’s voice dripped with poisonous honey. The kind that would kill even the biggest bears.

She cast a victorious look backwards to Martha as Josh just laughed, “Of course! New ideas and creations must be sought out!”

Martha boiled with the need to say something. This evil red queen had lived long enough. This topsy turvy world Josh lived in now was just too much for Martha to grasp. Why had he invited her, she never had done anything special. She told a quiet, shy little boy about her misadventures as a younger woman. Something to show him hope. He was the one that had taken that and built a whole world around it. If she left now she could fit in a bubble bath before time for bed.

Martha turned for the door and started to slide back across those same walls avoiding the flashing bulbs.

“You know, I think it is time for a toast.” Evalin’s harpy tone invaded the room.

The lights dimmed and a large cake was rolled out into the room. This thing was larger than Martha’s whole bathroom. Who did Evalin buy this cake for? The people in this room would take a plate but none were going to eat it. They were too posh for that. The cake itself was decorated in a white and black theme with bright red roses all over it. Overflowing the top of it really. Who was she kidding? This cake was nothing like Josh. He hated cake, that boy had always demand she make him an ice cream cake every year.

Evalin had gone too far, but her next words almost shattered Martha’s poor 83 and a half year old heart. “Today, we celebrate the life and accomplishments of Josh. He has made the world a better place and if I had never met him I would have never know how kind the world really could be. Thank you Josh for believing in me and showing me how to embrace the world for all it has to offer. For that and so many more reasons, … Josh. Will you marry me?”

Martha stood there as time froze, flashes of light making each second of time seem like photographs being shown quickly to her eyes. Everything was happening right now and she couldn’t solve any of it. Josh stepped up next to Evalin and took the mic in one hand and her waist in the other.

“Evalin, when I met you I was struck by your beauty. The call of my chemical need to talk with you outweighed the calm and logical thought process I had taken years to set up. You rebooted my brain.” The room giggled a bit. “But, once I got to know you and find out who the real Evalin was, I was shocked. This beautiful flower who the world sees could be nothing compared to the real you.”

A video started to play in the background, the audio got louder as everyone turned to look. “LISTEN TO ME. I DON’T CARE IF YOU CHILD IS SICK. You need to get over here and get my nails done now. If your child is so sick drop them off at the ER and get over here.”

Cut to another angle, you can see Evalin and two of her closes Harpies. “Listen, when the money is this good you have to lock that down quick. So, I went to my mother’s office and snagged one of the extra sonograms! With this he will be forced to say yes! Maybe if I get lucky I can get a quick wedding, ball of the year of course, and no prenup!” Evalin tried to rip away from Josh but his hand held firm. Everyone could hear him say, “Wait for this next bit. It is my favorite.” The screen darkened and suddenly Martha was standing on screen. She was in the kitchen finishing up the touches on Josh’s chicken noodle soup. He hadn’t been feeling well that day and Martha knew it would cheer him up. From the corner of the screen you could see the hallway and Evalin could be seen. “You know, with all his money he could have the best doctors here taking care of him but he let’s this nasty old lady come in and bring him disgusting soup. Psh, but what do I care… If he checks out I could claim the cash.” Her curt laughter could be heard as she trails off. In the center of the screen you can see Martha’s face changing colors. Not in shame, but in rage. She calls out in the sweetest tone she can, “Oh Evalin dear, could you come her a moment?” Evalin is seen sulking her way back and perking up as she comes into view of Martha. “Yes Ma’am? How can I help?”

That is when it happens. “Well, you can start by taking your snobby ass shit out of this sweet boy’s house and never coming back.” All said with a sweet smile. Evalin looks gobsmacked. “Excuse me?!” Her face has fallen. Martha goes in for the kill, so to speak. “You heard me you two bit little con artist. YOU. OUT. If that wasn’t simple enough for you how about this, I will be talking to Josh, he will know you for the life sucking pond scum you are, and he will make sure you never get anywhere near him again. Including all those fancy parties you like to drag him to, you infectious, puss sucking, crud licking, ass faced, bottled up piece of shit.” Evalin clearly shocked just stands there. Martha picks up her bag and heads for the door. “Oh, and one more thing, Ppppppppphhhhhh” Martha gives her one last look and walks off.

The lights turn back on and Evalin’s beautifully applied face has started to droop. Makeup running down her cheeks and chin. She looks not sad but ferocious. She looks once at Josh and thinks better looking around the room for her prey. Her flaming eyes land daggers on Martha. The crowd turns to her. Some with looks of amazement or amusement. It is hard to tell which when someone is coming right for you.

“YOU RUINED EVERYTHING YOU EVIL BITCH!” Evalin rears back with an open hand and just as Martha flinches in a knee jerk reaction to getting hit before, a hand grabs Evalin’s, Josh’s security team is there.

Half of them take Evalin and her pre packed bags and walk her past the cameras to the elevator. As the broad men stand there flanking Evalin. Josh taps the mic. Everyone looks up, “ I just wanted to make sure I was clear. That’s a No.” and with that the doors slide shut. The crowd shuffles around a bit shocked. “Please, enjoy some cake, drink free booze and enjoy. Let us not waste what other’s almost never get. If you feel so inclined I will be accepting donations at the bar for the various Charities I work with and be doubling all donations. Enjoy.”

With that Josh sets down the mic on a table and walks away. The music starts up again and everyone goes back to party mode. Martha, no longer shy of the cameras marches right over to where Josh vanished down a hall.

“JOSHUA MARK HIGHTOP. You stop right there young man.” He smirks and turns around. “Now listen,” Martha starts into him with her most authoritative tone. “I did not get all dressed up in my best clothes to have you leave your own party.” Josh cracks a small smile but Martha can see the pain. “Listen Josh, your last date sucked, but good thing you have a backup. Let’s go.” She holds out her arm and Josh, as a good boy he was raised to be, takes it and starts to walk her back.

Josh realized then and there, this woman, a beautiful human of eighty three and a half, is the key to who he is. She shows all the things he grew to love about the world. That no matter how stubborn the world is to change it will bend, but when given a cause, they will band together and fight for those they love. The world, this woman, is stubborn, and for that, he will always love both.

Author: keyboardcouple

A couple who write and learn in front of their keyboards.

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