Happy 2018 to all, and to all a good fight. With our bad habits, of course

Kris here,

I hope everyone had a fabulous last couple weeks. The celebrations, the ear infections, school’s out so all your children are stuck at home. What a truly amazing time. Around this time last year we started our blog, so it’s exciting to look back and see what we’ve accomplished in a year’s time. My first post of 2017 was about making bite-sized goals for yourself in light of the “New Year’s Resolution” fever we all get around December 31st. I definitely think it helped me start building a goal-oriented foundation. Last year, Tina and I made some good strides forward in writing, I got a few hundred miles of running in, and Nik is on the verge of reading!

Here’s to hoping the new year is chock full of progress and candy while we reach for those lofty aspirations. Well probably not candy, Tina always steals mine.

In November, I put about 30,000 words into a new story (which was NOT the story I’d been planning for months) and I’ve been throwing a few hundred words at it every couple of days. One aspiration I have this year is to get that sucker first-drafted so I can start editing it a bit, and then start work on my 2nd through 45th drafts too. I know Tina is a good way ahead of me in her own story, so maybe we can both wrap those up by year’s end. I plan on trying for about 10-12,000 words each month. This would put me about 150,000 words by December, which is a splendid goal indeed.

Something else I’ve been working on lately has been a lot of running. I know, I know. There’s no “Keyboard” in running, but that’s totally fine. The last few months I’ve gone from “running about 30 seconds and then being dead” to “running for 5 minutes and then dying,” so there’s definite progress there. I’m looking to throw at least 10 miles per month into that endeavor. It’s not a lot, but don’t forget about that 120,000 word thing I said earlier!

Lastly, my third goal is this silly blog. Tina and I swap every week so we each get to participate, but throwing short stories or chapters or something up randomly makes it hard to know when we’re writing about writing or actually doing the writing. Subject to change, I believe I’ll start putting any kind of stories up on say, Saturday or Sunday. We may also change Wednesdays to story day and blog day can be on the weekend. I’m sure everything (read: my wife) will get this whole thing sorted eventually.

Whatever your goals for the year, be sure to make them into a CRAP list! You know: concise, repeatable, actionable and productive. Know what you want the end result to be, then break up your progress into smaller, easier blocks. You also need to write everything down so your brain doesn’t pull a fast one. Good luck out there, and remember; it’s easier to walk a mile a day for 1000 days, than to walk 1000 miles in one day!

Author: keyboardcouple

A couple who write and learn in front of their keyboards.

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