Head problems

Tina here. Dealing with various medical issues I feel rather apt in saying that I have an extremely high pain tolerance.


Before my husband can edit this and say, “No way dude, I poke you and you bruise.” I don’t mean that I don’t feel pain jerk off! I mean that I have to deal with a barrage of pain almost 24/7 at this point. Currently to write this post I am wearing sunglasses in a dark room where the windows have been covered by blankets. (I really need to buy some black out curtains.)


Among my sideshow variety of medical issues, I have menstrual migraines. Meaning that once a month when my hormones get pissed I didn’t get pregnant, my body goes into shut down mode. If I am lucky it just tries to kill me slowly from the ovaries out, however, there are times when it goes that extra mile and jacks with my brain. I get blinding headaches that make me want to pull out my hair for relief, or pull my eyeballs out with a spoon just so I can put pressure on the one spot in my head that is trying to kill me.  This has exploded to the point of me needing to go to the ER and get shots of morphine and later Dilaudid. Or what my nurse called legal crack. It was just to give me enough relief to get some sleep.


I am blessed not only with Menstrual Migraines but also, aura migraines, where you see pretty colors around things before getting a migraine and migraines that take away my ability to speak, write or at times understand English… I could speak Japanese though! I also had one migraine that made colors change. Blues and greens and oranges were the primary colors I saw.


All of this being said, I do my best when I get these lovely pains to push past my own problems and ensure that my family knows that I am okay. That I love them. It wasn’t healthy. I got a lecture from my 6 year old.

“Mom, if you are sick you should take some belly breaths and lay down. Drink your water and rest. Your body needs rest to make you better so your good germs and cells can fight and repair whatever is broken.” As his father shushes him from my side. I love this kid. He is wise beyond his years. So I guess what I am saying is, I don’t have an insightful hope raising piece this week… I am resting with lots of water and belly breaths and letting my body fix my migraines.

Author: keyboardcouple

A couple who write and learn in front of their keyboards.

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