In which Kris still hasn’t worked on anything at all except his TTRPG for weeks and probably should take a break

Kris here

It’s funny how much further away goals seem to get as you work more and more toward them isn’t it? I’ve been working pretty consistently on my little silly tabletop RPG the last few weeks, and my list of things to create has probably doubled in that time.

That’s not to say I haven’t been pestering my wife daily to answer my questions – I definitely have. Each time I sit down to brainstorm over something small, I end up with something like 7 pages of notes.

“But Kris,” nobody asks. “There are eleventeen billion tabletop RPG options already.”

That’s fine fictional audience, although I feel you’re being a bit hyperbolic here. There certainly are many options for us weirdos to role-play in our mothers’ basements. There’s even a pretty fleshed out Pokemon one that I found while looking for options to do something fun with Nik. Heck yes I’m about to raise a flock of birds and then we’re going to fly around mugging the other trainers.

That’s probably a fine example to set for my child.

Honestly the creation process of making something new is probably what drives half of us to do the things we do. There are countless ‘try not to laugh’ videos, pictures of birds with arms, and cat memes.  Already existing content will never dampen our creative spirits!

The other half of my will is probably derived from my growing dissatisfaction with some of the mechanics in place to the games I play already. Rolling against a static number is eh. Let’s use Risk rules and force them to roll against each other*! Although to be fair, I also have a huge problem intentionally complicating things as a hobby and it’s following me hardcore into this game. I’ve started just asking Tina, “Yes or No: can you understand this rule mechanic with no further explanation?” If the answer is “weelllllll yeah I think it’s proba-” the answer is “no what are you doing with your life?”

The answer, clearly, is for me to design a game solely for myself to play in which everything is derived using complicated mathematics and if you solve it wrong your character takes damage. I’ll be right back…


*Side note, in my quest for knowledge I’ve run across some people mixing Risk and Monopoly and it seems like a hilarious idea. Purchase properties around the board and then shoot at your neighbors – just like in real life!

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