Mark – Short Story Saturday

Tina here again.

What? You were expecting Kris? Well it appears that when I leave the state, his body goes into shutdown mode. Kris has been working hard at the house cleaning things up and not being able to sleep because I am not there. So when he laid down on the couch to take a breather, he passed out. And texted me in a tissy because he didn’t have his story typed out or fleshed out. Ten mins till a post is due to go up, Okay so here I am. I love doing quick writing flashes like this. I considered going with Alma, but I think Mark is hanging around waiting for his explanation.


Mark looked over at the old woman who now sat there with sparkling eyes. “Wait, so you are going to go to the future but you get to be 25 again?”

She smiled, “Yes, I also have to take on a new name as well. I have already picked out mine and just have to wait to get there and make sure it fits in the system.”

Mark shook his head and took a small sip of the cup of tea in his hand. “Sure, Who doesn’t want to relive their teen years with the knowledge of age behind them. Sign me up for 16.”

The room was starting to fill with a smoky haze but felt no warmer then before. Mark though that he should feel…something about this. Something about smoke made his brain buzz. There was something he should be doing right now. He took another sip of the tea. Wow, this was so sweet. Was it sweet before? Looking up Mark noticed that the people that had been behind the lady were now seated next to him. He smiled. This was a lovely tea.

Bells chimed. Mark looked around the room for them. As he did the colors of the room seemed to run along his vision causing them to smear across the room. He tried to look back but this only had the effect to bring the smudges back around, clouding his vision from seeing anything but colors. Mark laughed. Well, this tea is lovely. What a beautiful sight. It reminded him of the paintings his mother used to do. He missed his mother. She was beautiful. The bells grew louder but more soothing in his brain. His brain was feeling quite warm. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath that smelled like the sweet tea.

Author: keyboardcouple

A couple who write and learn in front of their keyboards.

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