I am so girly!

I am sitting here on my couch. Waiting for a package with a skirt. Kris told me yesterday that for some reason in his mind I have always been anti-girly things. Thinking about it he isn’t wrong. I have always felt weird about wearing a dress or skirts.

However, Since my husband has started pushing me to explore more creative outlets I found myself developing a new passion and understanding of who I was as a person. I started to understand how my friends, family and past had impacted so much of who I thought I was. I grew up with a great best friend however, she was very much a tomboy and anything remotely girly was a sin. So we dressed ourselves in the style of punk boys and I wore as much baggy clothes as possible. Anything to keep eyes off me. As an adult, I never really grew into that feeling of needing to dress up. I had interview outfits, but other then that, I was pretty much a jeans and T-shirt gal.

Now, since starting school and therapy and working on my own self image, I have learned about the style and flair I like for myself. This includes a lot of poofy skirts. I am talking 50s style A lines with pleats. Look out if they have pockets! I have found that I really do like shopping, on my own terms. I am still a book worm, because reading not only allows me to dive into a new place or story, but also study what other people do that amazes me or keeps me on my toes. I really love painting. I like to get my hands dirty with the paint and use my fingers to push and pull the paint around on the canvas and tell a story with emotion in the movement that it causes. I enjoy crafting new things, drafting patterns, singing, dancing, and anything that people will stop and enjoy. I am pretty good at photography and getting better.

All these things I never considered myself before, I am opening up to now becoming part of who I am as a person. So yes husband, I am girly.

Author: keyboardcouple

A couple who write and learn in front of their keyboards.

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