Writing as therapy

Hellloooooo internet, Kris here:

Our post is QUITE late this week, by almost two weeks! Sorry about that, I owe you guys a couple of stories. It’s been pretty silly around the place recently what with the holidays coming around, Tina heading off to gallivant across state lines and school letting out. Whose idea was it to let kids out of school?

During a recent bout of “child smashing toys against EVERYTHING” I wrote up a quick story about Nik smashing up everything from the toys’ perspective. I read it to him and he giggled so I’ll read it (?) to you  too!


“AAH! Run awaaay!”

Tiberius  Cloak yelled as a monstrous foot crashed through the building to the left, diving out of the way as a huge piece of debris flew overhead. The sounds of destruction let loose an incredible fury all around him as the attack fell on the sleepy outpost.

Sounds of return fire and automated turrets lit the sky around him with brilliant flashes of orange red, the cacophony like a million bees swirling overhead. At the same time, the baritone chanting of the defense corp rose up in a protective blanket washing over him, filling him with strength.

Tiberius leaped up onto the 10 meter wall in a single bound. He was no longer afraid of the titan stomping through the outer shell behind him, but shuddered to think of what would become of his home if they failed here. He swept up a sparkler, a giant sword enchanted with a flashing strobe light handle, and hurled his harpoon at a gap he spotted in the titanic armor. Leaping from the wall, he swung through the air until his arc reached its climax and ripped the anchor out of his belt. He allowed weightlessness to caress him momentarily before tossing a bounce grenade to give him momentum to reach dizzying heights.

As he came eye to eye with the figure, Tiberius activated the piercing strobe light to distract the giant as he swept his enchanted diamond blade through the incoming giant nose. He felt the blade bite deep, knowing instinctively retribution was already on its way. He yanked the handles at the pommel, allowing the shield hidden inside the sword to expand rapidly in tight arcs, forming the circle of protection just as a heavy hand swapped him out of the air. Tiberius drank his panic potion(TM) as he hurtled face-first toward the earth while himself panicking. Relief flooded his being as his now-bouncy body rebounded off the ground and then wall, sending him back to his former height.

The pin of another bounce grenade almost left its socket, but something stilled his hand. He noted the sudden change in the creature, the change in direction. It turned suddenly, staring into the distance.


“Nikolai! Dinner time!” Mom called up the stairs as she heard Nik smashing his toys together.

“But mooooom I’m BUSY!”

“Come down here right now sir! You can play again after you eat.”

Nik grumbled and walked grumpily out the door, away from the small Lego city he build. Time to be Godzilla another day.


Tiberius landed softly on his feet after drifting slowly from the sky. The titan howled and retreated into the distance. The city was safe for one more day, though they knew it was just a matter of time.

Author: keyboardcouple

A couple who write and learn in front of their keyboards.

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